6 • Australian (blue heeler) cattle dog mix • Male


Bastian is a 6 year old, 52lb male blue heeler mix. He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations, heartguard, and flea/tick meds. Bastian is a happy, handsome, wiggly, and intelligent dog that’s full of energy. Having that blue heeler energy means he needs quite a bit of physical and mental stimulation or he will get cranky. However, after exercising he will happily sleep in your lap for hours. He is highly food motivated and smart as a whip, so he learns quickly and will do anything for a treat. He has a tendency to be a bit vocal about visitors and stimuli, but as a visually impaired person, this is a trait that was helpful to me. Bastian is crate trained, house trained, doesn’t shed much and requires very little grooming. He has a couple of mild health conditions that are well controlled with inexpensive meds. He would thrive in a home with no other pets or kids/teens because he’s not big on sharing(food or attention). This is ultimately why I had to make the painful decision to find him a new home. I acquired a trained guide dog(seeing-eye dog) when my eyesight worsened, and the two of them just do not get along despite all my efforts. He definitely likes to be the center of attention and is pretty used to it, so someone who is retired or works from home would be ideal. Bastian has a strong personality so he needs a strong and confident leader to follow. A home with a large yard/property would be heavenly for him because he loves to sniff and explore outside. I’m located in Beaver Dam and I’m hoping to find a local home for him. I’d really love to be able to stay in touch and visit him from time to time if possible. I’ll be happy to send along his crate, collars, leashes, bowls, treats, bones, toys, and food to help make the transition a little easier. All in all I just want him to be happy and loved.

Gender: Male

Age: 6

Breed: Australian (blue heeler) cattle dog mix

Declawed: No

Pet is fixed: Yes

Pet is current on Rabies: Yes

Pet is current on Distemper: Yes

Pet is housebroken: Yes

Good with dogs: No

Good with cats: No

Good with children under 5: No

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