3 • Lab/Great Dane/Heeler • Female


After years of working with her, and thinking hard about this decision, we are looking for a perfect place for our Bingo. She’s a great dog. There are just some very specific quirks that have not meshed with our family and lifestyle - and we want better for her. 💗 This is an incredibly tough decision for our family, but with as good of a dog she is - we need to do good for her now. Some notes about Bingo: * born Nov 20 2020 * Black lab, Heeler, Great Dane mix - never done DNA testing, but she fits characteristics of those breeds (especially Heeler and Dane) * High drive: could run, play, all day. We have a property fence and she respects that - she does however like to eat all the things (ok so she’s definitely a lab mix) and if she smells something she will go seek it out. * Loves kids. Loves them too much, as we say, that she would do better with slightly older children - she has a hard time understanding her size and can be a bit rough with little ones. * Good with adult cats, has had some issues with chickens in the past but she’s fine with ours now (they free range). We have some kittens that she’s a little too interested in (again, she doesn’t realize how big she is.) * Great with our male dogs. She has played with our Heeler mix since he was a puppy and did well with him: again rough when he was a pup, they have a great time tearing around now however. * Has issues with our intact female dog - which would be a combo of the two dogs. They’ve tussled a bit, can get sassy talking when eating * Is crate trained, does well in it if she’s exercised and content. I personally wouldn’t leave her to her own devices alone around home. * She would love to have someone she could devote her heart and soul to. With the amount of littles we have, along with a working farm, homeschooling, and all the other animals - we just can’t be that for her right now. * She loves to run and play - but high attention is more important to her than high exercise. She would be totally content to hang out with you all day every day. Again. This has been a really hard decision for our family. We’ve had her since she was just a little pup, rescued from a backyard breeder type situation, living in a cattle trailer. She’s an amazing, great dog - just not for us. And I want that for her. I know she’s someone’s “best dog ever” and I want to help her find that person/family. She’s due for basically everything and intact. DOB 11/20/2020

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Breed: Lab/Great Dane/Heeler

Declawed: No

Pet is fixed: No

Pet is current on Rabies: No

Pet is current on Distemper: No

Pet is housebroken: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with children under 5: Yes

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