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Welcome to the Dodge County Humane Society's website. Our mission is to promote animal welfare by providing care and shelter to animals in need, by facilitating adoptions and by educating the public. Please take a look around our site to see how you can help us in our mission. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

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 Come see us at the Audubon Parade in Mayville on Sunday, October 9th at 11:00am. 


Featured Canines



This young girl came to us as a stray and was not reclaimed. She was named "Spot" for her one patch of color. She's sweet, loving and we found out she's deaf. She has the best personality and temperament and we are looking for a special adoptive home that will be willing to work this wonderful deaf girl. There are lots of resources for having a deaf dog as part of the family. Here is just one of many organizations that provides excellent tips for working and living with dogs like Spot! https://deafdogsrock.com/ Can you give Spot her wonderful forever home? Come see her today 





Who would not want to reclaim this little lost stray dog? But to our surprise no one called. Now little Moe, an adorable adult male Rat Terrier, is looking for his new forever home! He's as sweet as can be! Walk by his kennel and he jumps up and down trying to get your attention. In fact for a treat - Moe does an adorable "begging" with his front paws while standing on his hind legs! He's a little gem and will be a wonderful addition for a lucky family! Come meet Moe today! 





Featured Felines



Handsome 7 year old Fritz is just about as easy going as they come! He's patiently waiting for his turn to go HOME! A sweet boy and he'll love spending time with you and enjoy his days sitting in a sunny window. Come meet handsome Fritz today and make him a part of your family!









Shirley...8 months in the shelter and looking for her forever home. Shirley was adopted from the DCHS as a kitten in 2011 and now finds herself back at the shelter as an adult. Her owner could no longer take care of her due to health reasons, and this lady is now in search of a new home. She came back in February and after 8 long months, keeps getting overlooked. Please help us find Shirley her forever home!

Let's Help Marble!

Handsome Marble recently came to us as a stray. This friendly young Labrador mix took a trip to our veterinarian and we learned he has a Grade 6 Heart murmur (Heart murmur can be one of six grades depending on the sound level of the murmur, 6 being most severe). He currently is not showing any signs of a bad heart valve, but we'll be sending Marble for further evaluation including an Echocardiogram. This test will easily run $300-400 and we rely on our "Paddy's Fund" - our special animal Medical Fund - for helping with Marbles test and care. We greatly appreciate donations to our "Paddy's Fund" to be able to help dogs like Marble and the rest of his animal companions in need. To make a donation to "Paddy's Fund" please go to http://a.pgtb.me/hgwZ5n or click the button below. 

New Hours


Starting March 8, we are extended our hours to allow even more animals to be adopted!

The new hours are:















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